The best kind of sex is without a doubt safe sex!

In the age of instant sex (hello, Tinder!) and instant pleasure, it’s important to remember that sometimes, sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) also come in an instant!


While information and awareness about STDs is thankfully quite popular, not much is known about STIs, despite the fact that they’re just as troublesome.

Any kind of unprotected sex, from anal, vaginal to oral can cause these STIs and it’s important to get them treated on the first signs of symptoms.


Here are some of the most common STIs that everyone should know about:

1. Chlamydia

In women, the symptoms include pain and/or a burning sensation during urinal and/or vaginal discharge and also, pain in the lower abdomen during sex and excessive bleeding during their periods. For men, the symptoms are pain and/or burning sensation during urination and pain in their testicles. Additionally, some men can also get a white, watery discharge coming out of their penis. 

2. Gonorrhoea

This bacteria is the easiest to pass during their unprotected intercourse. In terms of symptoms, it’s pretty much the same as Chlamydia just that in men, the discharge will be yellowish in colour instead. 


3. Syphillis

This bacterial infection is rather tricky because in its early stages, it isn’t easy to detect because the patient doesn’t experience any pain whatsoever. However, when it gets slightly advanced, you can notice sores around the mouth and/or genitals along with rashes, flu and patchy hair loss. 

4. Genital Herpes

This is triggered by the herpes simplex virus which results in sores on various parts of the body which are quite painful. Additionally, in some cases, there can also be blisters coupled with a burning itching sensation. 


5. Trichomoniasis

This infection caused by a parasite is more likely to affect women than men but because it’s rather easy to transfer during sexual intercourse, men aren’t too safe either. In this case, there’s a foul-smelling discharge from the vagina making it fairly easy to detect.

6. Hepatitis B

Yes, this liver-affecting virus can also spread through unprotected sexual contact. And in case of a long-term impact on the liver, chronic Hepatitis B can even lead to liver cancer.


7. Genital Warts

A viral infection, this one causes skin growth in and around the genitals or anus. While in some causes, the growth stops without treatment, in some other cases, the growth can only be stopped with adequate medication. However, it’s quite common for these warts to come back after some time.

8. Scabies

This itchy skin condition is caused by tiny mites that burrow into the outer layers of the skin. It’s one of the most easily transferable STIs as sometimes, it’s caused by just touching or sleeping in the same bed as the infected person. The symptoms for this include severe itching, especially at night, lead to blisters or sores, especially between the fingers, creases of the elbows, armpits, around the waistline, genitals and/or anus. 


9. Pubic Lice

These are tiny insects that live on humans and feed on their blood, literally. The main symptom for developing pubic lice is excessive scratching in the area that can make the skin raw, thereby making it easier for the lice to set home. 

No matter what, never have unprotected sex and always use a condom!