In association with Durex


There, I said it. My tongue didn’t fall off and neither did I go blind. We all do it, like it, listen to songs about it, and by God, we can never get enough of it. The twisted part is that even though there’s more to explore in the world of sex than the world itself, we’re usually satisfied with just scratching the surface. 

Either that, or we’re simply too shy to raise our hand and ask the questions that keep us up all night. Or perhaps the ones that don’t. (IYKWIM). Well turns out the advocates of love and sex have had enough. We’re talking about Durex, of course. They’ve recently created a chatbot called RexBot, who answers all sex related questions that we’re too afraid to ask real humans. 

It works something like this:

Rex will first ask you which world you want to delve deeper into – a Man’s or a Woman’s.

Once you take your pick, he’ll ask you to pick a more specific aspect of the world.

A few selected options down the line, you can expect responses like this:

 There’s more…

The more you get down to exploring, the more random albeit extremely valuable pieces of information you can expect to get out of Rex. Like, did you know a few years from now, men may be gulping down contraceptive pills as opposed to women?

You can even hope to learn interesting things about exotic cultures. The Thai are certainly an interesting batch of people.

 And, BTW Rex’s buddy Roxxy takes care of all the ‘woman’s world’ related queries. She’s cute, yeah?

And, boy, is there a lot to explore in a woman’s world!

Rex and Roxy may be a lot of fun but they can also address the serious issues you may be dealing with.

And.. if you press the right buttons in the messenger window, you can even find some extremely useful information. Like, did you know about the joys of asking your partner to intensely stimulate your (representational) avocado?

There you go then. That was Rex and Rex was awesome! I’m sure you’re already dying to chat up your new buddy, Rexbot. Well, no one’s stopping you, so go right ahead!