God’s greatest gift to mankind, the anatomy of a woman is the most beautiful creation on Earth.

But it’s unfortunate just how clueless men are about it! 


Thankfully, a woman’s body isn’t an solvable mystery.

If you press the right buttons, it can give you an experience like no other!


To make it simple for men who’re still struggling with finding all the pleasure points in a woman’s body, here’s a list to help you out.

And no, Monica Geller‘s list was NOT a complete one! 

1. Lips

There’s a reason why women always fall for a good kisser. The lips have more sensitive nerve endings that almost every other part of the body! 

2. Neck

It’s the perfect place for a hickey and rightfully so. The neck can give a woman that perfect tantalizing sensation and in case you’re the sorts to bite a little, this is the place to sink your teeth in. 


3. Nape

The back of the neck is packed with nerve endings. As a result, anything from a touch to a passionate lick is sure to send shivers down her spine. 

4. Ears

From warm breath to teasing the lobe, there’s a lot that you can do with a woman’s ears. They’re especially amazing for those who like to stick their tongue way too much! 


5. Breasts

When you caress a woman’s breasts, her body releases the feel-good chemical, Oxytocin. Obviously then, if a woman’s feeling good, she will make you feel good!

6. Nipples

Way more sensitive than breasts, nipples give out a mix of pleasure and pain. However, it’s the good kind of pain so don’t bother about holding back! 


7. Clitoris

This is THE MOST erogenous part of a woman’s body. If you’ve found this, you’ve found heaven. The only problem? Most men are still searching for it!

8. Vagina

The much-talked about vajayjay isn’t just a stairway to heaven! Rather sensitive to all kinds of touch, don’t forget to focus on it while you go about finding the clitoris. Just do it slowly and carefully to warm up a little! 


9. Inner Thighs

This one is a given simply because of the proximity of this area to a woman’s genitals. It’s a super-sensitive region, perfect to tease her a little as part of the foreplay. 

10. Stomach

Considering it’s right above the sexual organs, it’s bound to have a lot of sensations. The good part about the stomach is that you can use just your fingers and get the right reaction. 


11. Scalp

Might sound strange but for a lot of women, playing with their hair works wonders. That’s because the nerves on their scalp are known to heighten arousal. Precisely why hair-play is so important during sex – from grabbing hair to pulling them a little, it’s all amazing!

12. Butt

Yet another hyper-sensitive area that’s always a great fantasy for most men. When dealing with the posterior, it’s advisable to take proper consent though. And even if anal sex isn’t allowed, some grabbing of the buttocks, gentle finger-play and a bit of tongue-twisting is always on the menu. 


13. Lower Back

Noticed how a nice back massage ALWAYS leaves her feeling good? Apart from the obvious relaxation, massaging the lower back also leaves her body’s pelvis feeling soothing, thereby making sex that much more amazing! 

14. Calves

While many men have a foot fetish, it’s the woman’s calves they need to focus on. Such is the power of this oft-ignored part that even a single stroke can do wonders. Wondering what to do with those lady-long legs? Start here. 


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