We are a country of 1.3 billion people, where sex is a taboo. Or is it? Well, ThatsPersonal.com, one of India’s leading sexual wellness products websites has just come up with a report, that says otherwise. The report is based on a study of over 6 million users, with over 80,000 orders and approximately 8,700 customer interactions. We also got to know that with 100 million people having sex every day, India is currently placed 5th in the list of the most sexually active countries in the world.

So to give you a better idea of how sex crazed our beloved country is, let us take you through a few of the revelations mentioned in the report:

1. While ‘Sex with celebrity’ and ‘Threesome’ are the most commonly searched categories in the world,  ‘Indian Bhabhi’ is one of the most used keywords in India.

2. Mumbai takes the top spot when it comes to the purchase of sex products, leaving Delhi marginally behind. However, on the addition of the NCR region, Delhi easily grabs the numero uno ranking.

3. In terms of most products bought, Maharashtrians like to get it on. However, Gujarat brings its A-game into town during the Navratras.

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4. Oh and BTW, the men of Uttar Pradesh purchased the maximum penis enlargement products.


5. Telangana men top the charts in matters of purchase of men’s thongs. 


6. Not stereotyping, but Bengalis do love eating in bed. West Bengal buys the most candy panties. Oh, and Punjabi women clearly win this debate by being the highest buyers of sex toys.

8. And naturally, Valentine’s Day records the best sales in the year, i.e, 2.3 times the monthly average.


9. March records the lowest sale. And it’s not because people have had enough in February. Just the exam season, is it?

10. Of all the buyers, 62% are men, most of whom are interested in buying lubes.


11. Meanwhile, 38% are women buyers, who prefer intimate massagers.

12. And just so you know, Indian sex ain’t boring. 71% of Indian couples are open to experimentation. 

13. Condoms make the least sold least amongst the highest sold sex toys. That explains the 1.3 billion people.

14. Interestingly enough, men showed a peaked interest in Delay Sprays. Yeah, these help men in prolonging the duration of sex.

15. It is funny how ‘sex’ is the most searched keyword in India despite being a taboo.

So the next time, someone lectures you about sanskars, show them this.

Infographics courtesy: That’s Personal

The full report by That’s Personal can be read here.