Sex is a lot more than just plopping a sausage into a couple of buns. It’s a varied, complicated and limitless space where consenting adults can express their innermost desires. That’s why the word ‘kink’ exists in the first place. Some parts of the world however, are kinkier than the rest.

Good for them! 

1. Cartagena, Colombia 

Has a 4-day ‘Sex Island’ retreat.

Good Girls Company runs a property on a remote private island off the coast of Cartagena called ‘Sex Island‘. It offers guests a 4-day bonanza of unlimited sex, drugs and alcohol. Just remember to carry your Fitbit.


2. Desire Resort, Mexico 

A nudist resort dedicated to carnal pleasure.

This is what their website reads like –

“Submerge yourself in a world of erotic pleasure, where fulfilling your fantasies and awaking your senses is your only objective.”

That’s pretty self explanatory.


3. Mumbai 

Buys the maximum number of sex toys in India.

They don’t call it the Maximum City for nothing. If sales reports by ThatsPersonal are anything to go by, there’s all kinds of kinky shit going down in Mumbai.


4. Tokyo, Japan 

Has hourly love hotels with differently themed rooms.

Japan is a 2-way street, one half of it is repressed to the bone, the other is wild beyond belief. That’s especially apparent in their love hotels, where rooms have themes like dungeons or hospitals.


5. West Bengal 

Buys the most candy panties in India.

Redefining breakfast (or dinner) in bed, Bongs have been chomping on the chewy chaddis more than all the rest.


6. Berlin, Germany 

Very open to all manner of sexual fetishism.

Berlin is a hedon’s delight, mostly because of a public that’s very open to experimentation and the idea of sex as a whole.


7. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 

Has one of the largest BDSM subcultures in the world.

Apart from the subcultures, there’s also a bunch of erotic resorts and clubsstrewn over the beach paradise.


8. Barcelona, Spain 

Home to the world’s first sex doll brothel.

In case you want to save money on buying your own fully functional and totally creepy sex doll, head to Lumidolls. Their varied collection is sure to keep any robophile entertained.


9. London, UK 

Is apparently the most sexual city in the world.

According to a study by Lazeeva, London is the most sexual city, due in large part to women’s satisfaction levels. This was determined on the basis of sexual satisfaction, access to sex toys and easy access to contraception.


10. Copenhagen, Denmark

Has a yearly festival called Kinky Copenhagen.

Apart from being a highly sex-positive destination, Copenhagen is also home to the yearly international Kinky Copenhagen festival, which is a celebration of all things sexy. Chains, whips, handcuffs, piercings in strange places – it’s all on display at this balls to the wall festival.


There’s a whole other world out there.