Catherine the Great was an empress who ruled Russia for more than 3 decades, longest by any female in Russian history. She was a woman who was sure of herself and was a confident ruler but did she have some strange fetishes! She was widely known to have a sexually active life and to have had multiple lovers. A room in her castle is a testimony to the fact as to how far her weird fantasies could travel. Take a look at her fucked up furniture collection!

So if you thought queens have elegant dainty chairs then you are about to get mindfucked! 

She was a fine monarch but when the lights went off, there was a different story to tell.


Because subtlety is too mainstream!

This chair takes graphic representation to a whole new level. This woman here at the head of the chair is sucking a cock!


Because an ordinary chair with ornate carvings just won’t do.


This table here has huge penises as its legs, growing out of boobs. The top has both male and female genitals being supported by massive ejaculations! What the actual fuck! 100 points for imagination!


The image is about to get dark, very dark.


Here you can see the devil himself going at it because satisfying her ain’t no human job.


Nothing says kinky like spread legs on a chair!

Most of the furniture is claimed to be destroyed during WWII and only the pictures remain. However, there have been several recreations that are highly in demand!


Lastly, there’s an infamous snuff box that was one of Catherine the great’s prized possessions.


I guess we all have learnt an important lesson in history today!