Apparently, men think about sex every 7 seconds. Now, if only all that thinking could help them up their game when it comes to actually doing something!

It’s common conversation during ladies’ nights as cocktail after cocktail, women open up about all the men they’ve dated and as a result, all the orgasms they’ve never experienced. Sometimes, it’s a legitimate size issue (for the record, it does matter!) and sometimes, it’s a blatant lack of skill. Either way, the man may have done all he could but he’s never done enough. 

Women faking orgasms is no urban legend; it’s a fact not too many men are comfortable acknowledging. 

But you know what’s even more difficult to digest? 

Men fake orgasms too. Yes, you read that right!


Firstly, here’s something to help you accept this fact. 

There have been various studies and reports that’ve proved that men indeed fake orgasms. The first study that brought out this astonishing fact was way back in 2010. And they’re faking it more number of times than you’d like to believe. 

While we’re all conditioned to believe that men are always up for sex, surprisingly, they’re not. And when they have to do it though they don’t want to do it, they too resort to the oldest trick in the trade that lets them get away without harming the fragile egos of their partners. 

Basically, not just women, men are faking it too. 

And surprisingly, the reasons for faking it are the same for both genders!


Why do men fake it?

Aren’t those with a penis supposed to constantly look for places to put it in? What else can a man have on his mind apart from sex? Turns out, quite a lot of things.

Maybe he had too much to drink. Alcohol is famous for being an orgasm-buster. 

He could be worried about a meeting at work, the health of his parents, an impending loan installment or the next India vs Pakistan match. The thoughts on his mind will certainly affect his mood. The reason could also be a headache, stomach trouble or just plain-old fatigue. If he’s had a killer workout or a long day at work, he may just not be up to it. 

Because sex may be pleasurable but it certainly requires a lot of hard-work! 

And sometimes, he just wouldn’t be as excited by the woman in his arms as he once was. Or maybe, it’s just bad sex! Many men have confessed to have faked an orgasm because they just wanted it to be over, as fast as possible! 

Because it isn’t considered ‘manly’ enough for a man to decline sex for one night, the poor souls are now resorting to faking just to be over and done with it.


But the real, most important question is, how do men fake it?

Because when a man is excited, you get to know. That tiny friend isn’t so tiny anymore and his soft exterior gets all hard. So, if a man isn’t feeling it, how can he fake it? 

For starters, a man can’t fake an erection. If he’s been sexually stimulated, he will be fully erect. However, a man with a boner isn’t always a man who wanted a boner. A touch of a woman may get his penis excited but that’s totally against his will. He may just want to lie on a couch and watch an Arsenal match but because his woman has decided to indulge in foreplay, he will have to stand up! 

Accidental or forced boners aside, an orgasm, however, is also a mind thing. And if a man isn’t in the mood, he is not going to climax! 

Medical Daily

So, how does faking an orgasm work for men?

Since a man’s climax results in an obvious ejaculation, it’d be tough, almost impossible for him to fake a climax, right? Actually, it’s not that difficult. 

If he’s wearing a condom, you won’t get to see the ejaculate, anyway. And a quick dash to the washroom to dispose off the condom won’t give the woman any time to check if he actually did climax or not. 

It’s also about the position you’re in. If he’s entering from behind, there are less chances of you knowing whether he did or not. Yes, that’s correct! 

There’s also the thing about climaxing without really, truly reaching a climax. Just like an erection that can happen without a man wanting to get one, there can also be a climax without the man really wanting to achieve one. Like erections, orgasms happen without a man’s consent too. Think premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, etc etc. 

Simply put, multiple thrusts will technically do the deed but then, did he really want to? 


Can a woman find out if a man has faked it?

Yes, she can. All she needs to be is a little more observant. 

Right after climaxing, does he immediately run away to the bathroom? He could probably be disposing that condom which carries (or not) his big release.

Is he more intimate than usual after sex? He could be compensating for the bad sex.

Did you find his usual O-face a little less usual? That’s because he’s a bad actor! 

Look for stains on the sheet. Drops that fell on the side. If it’s all clean, you’ll know he hasn’t been too dirty! 


Great sex doesn’t come easy. Especially when there’s a tendency for your partner to fake it.

While women had been known to occasionally fake the big O, turns out, men aren’t too far behind either. Will it change the dynamics in the bedroom?