We’re always looking for new ways to spice up our sex lives, right?

For why stick to a routine when change can bring in more orgasms! 


Want to know a whole new way to spice things in bed? 

Try having sex without taking all your clothes off!


No, it’s not dry humping because the main parts are without clothing. 

It’s not taking off the rest of the clothes that makes all the difference. 


Perfect for quickies or when you’re squeezing in a session in a public toilet, kitchen while guests sit outside or in the parking lot, sex with clothes can be very, very sexy.

Here are 8 sex positions which don’t require you to take off all your clothes:

1. In A Chair

The guy just has to whip out his penis and the girl can lower her underwear. Every other clothing remains undone. 

2. The Sofa Brace

Drop the pants and get on the couch. That’s all this sex position demands! 

3. Butterfly

With the guy dropping his pants to the knees and the girl removing clothes from just her lower body, this position too is amazing when you don’t want to bare it all. 

4. X Marks The Spot

Similar to the Butterfly, this too is only about removing clothes from the lower body.

PS: This is the best position to hit the spot for those struggling in that department! 

5. Coital Alignment Technique

This variation of the Missionary can be enjoyed just as much with clothes on as it can be without ’em. 

6. Doggy Style

The most popular and certainly one of the most adaptable positions, Doggy Style can be equally enjoyed with removing clothes from the upper body. 

7. All Hail The Queen

Sometimes, oral sex is just what you need. While the guy is fully clothed, the girl has to let go of her lowers and sit on her throne!

8. Stairway To Heaven

Take the stairs without taking all your clothes off. Just the bare minimum need to be removed!

Designs: Gauri Saxena