With sex, like with most things, the only way to enjoy it is to make sure you’re constantly improving your performance. 


And one of the first things you need to get better at sex is to have the desire to learn.

Looking to give your woman the maximum pleasure and win major brownie points on the side? Here are 10 positions to help you ace the game:

1. Lusty Leg Wrap

When she wraps her leg around you, as you enter at a slight side-angle, helps her bring you closer and make your thrusts deeper. 

2. Pretzel Dip

This position creates a highly-comfortable and rather convenient angle for you to hit the prime spot without struggling even the slightest bit.

3. Up & Over

When her legs are lifted up, it creates all the space you need to go in and go super, duper deep!

4. On Top Of The World

Though she’s sitting on you, facing the other side, be rest assured she’s headed in the right direction. 

5. Table For Two

Sometimes, a sturdy table can do more for your sex life than the usual bed. It’s strong, gives her back ample support and at the right height for you to slide in. 

6. Leap Frog

This Doggy-Style modification has her resting on her forearms and gives you a wonderful angle to hit the target, as deeply as you’d like. 

7. Valedictorian

This one is a crowd favourite! You’ve spread her legs wide open and can shoot the target rather intensely. 

8. Pinball Wizard

When you lift her body upwards, you get to choose the right angle that allows you to do the work to the best of your abilities.

9. Stand Up To Get Off

Yes, you need to be strong enough to lift her but once you’ve done that, be rest assured that what follows is absolutely perfect.

10. Electric Cowgirl

What’s so ‘electric’ about it? She’s pressing your chest while taking full control and you’re enjoying the view while riding down to heaven!

Designs: Chhabi Parmar