In our fast-paced lives, we’re often left with little time for the things we truly love. 

But no matter how hectic your schedule, there’s no reason for you to not have sex!


Getting it on in the kitchen while preparing a meal, sneaking in some action while getting ready for work, there’s a lot that can happen in just a few minutes.

Yes, I’m talking about a quickie. The one form of sex that’s both highly-effective and majorly underrated. 


A quickie has long been considered a sort of compensation when you can’t have full-throttle sex. 

However, quickies aren’t just a way to have ‘some’ sex when you’re busy. If done correctly, a quickie is just as great as regular amazing. Or maybe, even better!


For a quickie, you need positions that do the needful in lesser time. Basically, penetration so intense, you’re heading to orgasm in lesser time than usual. 

Here are 11 sex positions perfect for a quickie that’ll ensure you make the most of the little time at hand:

1. Stand & Deliver

As the name suggests, the man is standing on his feet and delivering his best. Don’t worry for the woman’s back is on the wall, making it easier for the guy to hold her. You must have seen many films show this position – it’s quite hot, yes, but also pretty effective in making sure the guy hits all the right spots quickly! 

2. Pleasure Pick Me Up

This one’s a variation on Stand & Deliver and helps the two bodies get even more close, aiding better clitoral stimulation and effective thrusts. However, if the guy ain’t strong enough, it just won’t work!

3. The Ballet Dancer

This one’s the most convenient as you can do it pretty much anywhere. As the woman wraps one of her legs around the guy’s waist, it helps her push him further inside her. Besides, the guy is constantly stroking her body and that’s always a bonus!

4. Standing Pleasure

This is quite basic but certainly effective. When the woman is bending waist-down, it helps create a wonderful angle for the penis to hit the mark. The girl can use the floor or a small stool for extra support!

5. Hot Seat

For those who’d like to sit and do it, this one’s the perfect choice. It’s like the Reverse Cowgirl and gives the guy the same ease to show his moves. His hands will also be busy stroking her breasts!

6. Iron Chef

As the name suggests, this one’s perfect for the kitchen. Use the slab as the base for the girl to sit and have the guy get in standing. Basically, he’s holding you up without using his strength. 

7. Python

The girl lies on top of the guy in this one, thereby controlling the movements as well as increasing the intimacy. The two bodies are so close, it doubles the intensity as well as stimulation. 

8. Doggy Style

Is there anything this position can’t do? Every guy’s favourite, Doggy Style ensures he’s totally excited and at it with full gusto. Creating the perfect penetration angle, this one ensures an extremely happy couple! 

9. The Butterfly

With her legs on his shoulders, he’s totally in control of her body, ensuring that she’s at just the right angle to make it work. 

10. The Lotus

For those who like to be super, super close during the act, there’s nothing better than this one. And because you’ll both be so tightly wrapped around each other, there’s extra-level stimulation.

11. The Plow

This version of Missionary gives the same exact sensation is lesser time. Besides, the guy can increase the pace in this one more easily!

Don’t waste any time!

Designs: Anmol Gambhir