Sex is sex, it’s good everywhere, right?

Notttt really.

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No matter how great it sounds and looks in movies, sex inside a car is kinda inconvenient and in the same bedroom- months after months- kinda boring (assuming you’re getting sex regularly, months after months).

Daily Mail

Anyhow, most of us will agree that hotel rooms are possibly the best place to have sex. Don’t know why but things seem more erotic there. 

Well, thanks to science, now we know why. 


According to a report published in Conde Naste Traveller, sex coach Xanet Pailet of The Power of Pleasure says, “Spending a night in a hotel allows us to escape from all of the stress and the daily grind and gives us permission to allow ourselves to relax and be pampered”.


Basically, hotels mean you are away from home and the worries that your mind starts associating with it. 

Be it urgent work projects or household chores, you leave everything behind and that calms the mind. 

And everything else falls into place eventually (*wink wink*).


Xanet further added:

By our nature, human beings are always searching for something new: the newest app, newest book, newest trend. Having sex in the same bedroom, on the same bed, where the kids and the dogs spend time, is simply not sexy after a while.

Escaping the boredom of regular life adds spark and vibrancy that can sometimes fade with time. 

They say that variety is the spice of life. It’s clearly the spice of sex life, too.