Let’s just say it like it is, shall we?

It’s shocking that even in 2017, men don’t like going down on women! 


Don’t believe me? There are enough and more surveys to back what I’m saying. 

As per this one, 38% women complain they don’t get enough clitoral stimulation via the tongue or finger. And only 12% women admit to getting satisfactory oral sex!  

And as per another survey, there’s a legit oral sex gap between men and women. While 63% men regularly receive a blowjob from their partners, only 44% women can say the same!  

Lastly, while 52% men admitted to ‘enjoying’ going down on a woman, only one-fifth of that number are ACTUALLY doing it. 

Surprised, are you?


The surveys and stats around oral sex are oddly skewed in favour of men. 

All over the world, women are twice as likely to go down on men and men are only half as likely to return the favour.

Basically, men are rather selfish in bed. They’d always urge their women for some fellatio but when it comes to cunnilingus, they’d much rather not! 


Why do men shy away from giving oral sex?

One of the most intimate acts ever, sex is as much about giving pleasure as it is about receiving it. You can’t just expect to have it all without working a little hard, right?

Besides, isn’t it all the more amazing to have your partner moaning with pleasure as a result of all the good work you’ve done? Unfortunately, most men somehow don’t get it!


Even with sex, our society is majorly sexist! 

As this survey pointed out, more than 50% of women in modern-day societies are either pressured into giving oral sex or are conditioned to believe that it’s a given for their gender.

Call it conditioning or lack of sex education but there are no such shocking statistics for men. 


Just so you know, oral sex is one of the best ways to make a woman climax!

For the all men who’re struggling with one or the other sexual issues, oral sex is the perfect solution. 

From a small penis to an overtly big one, premature ejaculation to not being able to satisfy a woman through intercourse, no matter what you’re issue, trust some going down to keep her totally satisfied!  


To all the men, maybe it’s time to change these statistics? Going down on a woman ain’t making you any less of a man!

BTW, as per this research, it’s actually beneficial for a man to go down on a woman. During sex, women produce various hormones including oxytocin and DHEA which can be transferred from their vaginas into the man’s body during oral sex. And these hormones are known to fight various heart diseases and also cancer! 

So if not for her pleasure, maybe for their own health, can men now start going down on women more often? Because, hey, it is totally fabulous!