More often than not, a lot of women experience pain during sex. However, owing to whatever reasons, most of us, if not all, neither speak about it, nor express concern to our partners.

To help you understand your body better, here are some of the causes of discomfort during sex: 

1. Your vagina is probably dry. 

While men get erect when turned on, women get wet. And sometimes, it might take a woman a little more time than it does for a man to lubricate the vagina. Alternatively, you might also have a dry vagina. If that is the case, there are various vaginal moisturizers and lubes that can help ease the discomfort. 


2. Your man might be a little too big. 

Oh yes, it is a legit thing. The size of your man’s penis can be the cause of your discomfort. While vaginas do have an amazing amount of elasticity, they do need a little getting used to. Therefore, if you think your partner is a little too big, ask him to get your vagina ready for it. Going down on you and using lube are some of the things that he can do.


3. You have ingrown hair.

You know it, girl! Ingrown hair can be a real pain in the vagina. A botched bikini wax can often be the cause of ingrown hair. During the act, this kind of hair can cause friction that can lead to a stinging pain. 


4. You may have a semen allergy. 

There are certain proteins in a man’s semen that you may have an allergy to. The allergy can cause a burning sensation, itchiness, redness, swelling and pain in the vaginal area.


5. You may have a sexual dysfunction. 

From Vulvodynia to Vaginismus, sex can become painful, sometimes even impossible, if you’re suffering from any of these sexual dysfunctions. If you experience pain every time you have sex, we suggest you get it checked by a doctor. 


6. Condoms could be the culprit. 

Yes, it’s true. Condoms that are made out of latex have a protein, similar to the protein found in semen, and it’s possible that you have an allergy. The allergic reaction caused can make the vaginal area sore, itchy and painful. 


7. It’s possible that you’re allergic to sex toys. 

Like condoms, a lot of sex toys are made of latex as well. Latex allergy can cause discomfort in the vaginal area, making sex an impossible task. So if you’re looking for some kinky time with sex toys, we suggest you get some that are latex-free.


8. Maybe you’re doing it wrong. 

It’s possible that you’re experiencing pain because you’re doing it in the wrong position. So better try out all and see which ones do not hurt.

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9. You haven’t had sex in a long time. 

If you haven’t had sex in a while, your vagina can hurt. After a hiatus, it takes a little getting used to for your vagina to accommodate anything for a while. 


10. You may have an STD or an infection. 

STDs and infection can give your vagina a hard time. STDs like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, or Herpes can be the cause of recurrent pain during sex. If you have been experiencing pain during sex for a long time, it’ll be smart to consult a doctor. 


Ladies, don’t push yourself to appease your partner if you have pain during sex. Stop right there. Find out the problem and remedy it. Trust us, it’ll make sex a better experience for both you and your partner.