Allowing almost everything which is otherwise considered a taboo in religion, here's a God who apparently makes mistakes fearlessly and deals with them in a surprisingly calm way. Whaaaat?! Definitely, someone who is not a sucker for rules, he is fairly easy to please and breaks all stereotypes of being a God.

Cool, chic (he wears a dreadlock), fun, unpredictable (unlike most Gods), and extremely popular with the young and the old alike, Lord Shiva deals with the cosmos, meditates most of the time, likes to mind his own business, has a crazy mix of anger and calm, and is someone whose stories have managed to appeal to every generation of people. 

Here are some fun stories and interesting facts about him

1. Hanuman, son of Anjana and Kesari, is actually an avatar of Lord Shiva

It is believed that Hanuman is the eleventh avatar of Lord Shiva. Several texts present him as an incarnation of the god Shiva. Known for his devotion to Lord Rama, the son of Anjana and Kesari, blessed by the Hindu God of wind, Vayu, Hanuman is celebrated for his devotion to Lord Rama. 

2. Ravana, the primary antagonist in the Hindu epic Ramayana, was one of the greatest devotees of Lord Shiva

It is said, when Ravana tried to uproot Mount Kailash, Shiva trapped him beneath Kailash. To redeem himself, Ravana started pleasing Shiva by singing hymns and playing instruments. Eventually, over many years, Shiva freed him from under the mountain and blessed him. 

3. Even Kamadeva, the Hindu God of love and Cupid's equivalent, could not distract Shiva successfully with his tricks. He had to face the consequence when he tried to

When Devas were waging a war against Tarakasur, they needed Shiva's help but Shiva was busy meditating. So the Devas asked Kamadeva to pierce Shiva with his love arrows. But Shiva, who was in deep meditation, woke up in rage and burned Kamadeva down to ashes with his third eye. 

4. Lord Shiva's first wife Sati killed herself because she was frustrated with her father who insulted Shiva. Shiva took his revenge and how

As per mythology, Sati, and not Parvati, (as most of us may not know), was the first wife of Shiva and was very fond of him. The daughter of a priest, her father did not approve of the ways of Shiva. When Sati's father decided to perform a sacrifice, he invited everyone except for Shiva. This move to insult Shiva really bothered her and she killed herself in the sacrifice. A furious Shiva killed her father in a rage.

5. The snake around Shiva's neck reinforces a sense of stillness

The mountains, snow and the snake around Lord Shiva's neck is a symbol representing his sense of calmness. Self-contained and content, Shiva is a symbol of calm and peace.