At some point, we have all been unsure as to whether or not the guy we're into actually likes us.  Instead of wondering, just look out for the strong signs that silently convey his feelings. Here are 10 ways in which he tells you he likes you, without actually saying it. 

1. A guy who is really into you will always notice you. Even if it's an obvious change, like a new haircut, or small ones, like applying lipstick. 

2. Another sign that silently shouts that a guy likes you is his willingness to help you out. Guys never miss any chance to show a girl how safe, secure and burden free she can be around them. 

3. We tend to listen to each and every word someone we like says and in order to do that we unknowingly lean our body towards them. If your crush does it too, he is definitely into you. 

4. Do you enjoy his undivided attention even if you both are at a happening party or with your crazy-head gang? Then there is a high chance that he likes you. 

5. Compliments, compliments, and compliments! Accept it or not, guys are pretty bad in giving compliments but if they do, this means he likes you too. 

6. Eye contact is another physical sign you can look out for. If he glances you right in your eyes every time you cross paths, he is interested in you. 

7. Another way men try to show they like you is by keeping tabs on you via social media platforms. So if your crush actually follows you on all social platforms and actively likes your posts, he likes you.  

8. If a guy remembers even the small details that you told him days or even months ago, you are important to him in a whole different way. 

9. Guys tend to become really curious when they are around their crush. They love knowing more about her and end up asking a lot of questions. 

10. Though men love dressing and grooming, when he has to go out with his crush, he'll raise the bar a little high and dress up more elegantly. 

Pay attention to what he does when he is with you. He may not say it but his gestures will.