If you are looking for ways to organize your bedroom to make it look spacious, neat and tidy then we have something for you. Here are 8 hacks that will make your bedroom look airy and attractive. Take a look. 

1. Store items under your bed. 

Use the space under your bed to store items that you want easy access to. Use cubbies, baskets and bags to store bed linens and other non-essentials under the bed. You can also consider buying a bed that comes with in-built storage space. 

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2.  Make a headboard space.

You can buy shelved headboards or make your own out of old drawers to keep books, framed photos and other essentials that you will need on a daily basis. Click here to make your own headboard. 

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3. Pick the right kind of furniture. 

Avoid cluttering next to your bed. Judge the amount of space you have in your room and opt for drawers, shelves or just a simple table. Get rid of the excess furniture in your room. 

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4. Make or buy a jewellery organizer. 

Buy or make a patterned shelf for hanging your necklaces, earrings, bangles or placing your rings on. Click here if you want to make a jewellery organizer. 

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5. Use your wall space efficiently. 

Put wall hangers, book shelves or wall cubbies to display books, knick-knacks and other essential items that you won't need daily. 

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6. Minimize laundry space in your bedroom. 

Hang a laundry hamper or bag behind your door to increase space in your bedroom. Click here if you want to make your own laundry bag. 

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7. Invest in hanging hooks. 

Decorate your room with hanging hooks that you can use to hang hats, scarves, winter jackets, coats and other items. Buy it from here

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8. Buy storage ottomans. 

Ottomans are practical pieces of furniture that you can use to stash those bedroom extras that lie around. Buy it from here

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These hacks will make your room look neat and tidy. Try it out yourself.