1. People have stopped asking you about your relationship status.

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2. All your recent holidays have only been with your family.

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3. You no longer keep your phone with you all the time.

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4. You have not watched a movie in a theatre in a long time.

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5. People keep asking you if you're still hung up on your ex.

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6. Friends have started suggesting the option of arranged marriage for you.

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7. Your friends & family have started to question your sexuality.

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8. Your friends no longer come to you with their relationship problems.

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9. You have all the time for yourself to do whatever you like.

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10. Bad memories of past relationships do not haunt you anymore.

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11. You genuinely do not understand how people find someone special anymore.

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12. Your five-year plan does not include marriage and children.

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13. People have stopped asking you to bring along a plus-one at parties and events.

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14. You've being tagged on almost every single-people meme on Instagram.

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