Would you pay to get sick just so you can skip that dreaded Monday at work? Probably. But will you be willing to spend more than ₹5,000 to get sick? Maybe not. But the company, Vaev is hell-bent in thinking that people will. 

Snotty tissues. That's what they came up with. Literally. Tissues used by sick people. 

And according to their website, 1,000 people have already bought their 'sickening' product. 

Source: TIME

These artsy flu boxes also come with detailed instructions on how to use it for maximum effect.

Source: The Sun

Just when we thought that ₹45k chappals and ₹1.2k nariyal shell selling for a fortune was peak WTF, this dumb-genius product hit the global shelves.

The genius idea behind the tissues is that it will help build up immunity in people. The founder of the company, Oliver Niessen told TIME,

The simple idea is you choose now to get sick, with the idea in mind that you won’t get sick with that same cold … later.

The tissues are generic ones you can find at any store. 

The exception is that of an added layer of bulgum.

The sneeze is from people who are sick. They go to their lab to sneeze on a batch of tissues which are then packaged and sold. They have a rotation of people who get sick for the production of this product.

Just waiting for the 80% discount... any time now...