Welcome to our dystopian society where uncles and aunties gather in crowds to moral-police women & girls by voicing their misogynistic and patriarchal mindsets.

“A girl wearing short clothes is like a rape waiting to happen.”

“A woman hanging out with a guy friend at night is problematic.”

“She was asking for it.”

“Yes, what the guy did was horrific, but the girl wasn’t ‘decent’ either.”

I can go on and on, but you know, as much as I, the discourse our society has followed since time immemorial. You see, in our world, the problem always lies in a woman who cannot do the bare minimum to be safe cos being predatory is instinctive to men. The onus of ‘morally right’ behaviour is on women if they wish to remain safe.

women girls dictated in society

And morally right is basically everything that is meant to curb her freedom, her right to be. Cos they won’t teach men to lower their gaze, but scream in lengths about how women should behave, what they should wear, what time they should come home if they don’t wanna be objectified.

In the latest addition to the problem lies with a woman, we have a tweet from a man sexualising school girls with his curiosity about the length of their skirts.


Before he could say, ‘school mein ye sab karne thodi na bhejte hain hum apni betiyon ko,’ Twitter called him out. ‘Uncle, YOU’RE THE PROBLEM!’


Women get cat-called, objectified, and eve-teased regardless of any and every ‘conditions’ one assumes exist.


How and what makes men think they can dictate what women should and should not wear? Seriously, what is this effing logic? Let them be!