‘The world is on fire,’ says X user @f_ckinbored while replying to a tweet asking people why our generation is so unhappy. Not only is the current generation battling rising expenses but we’re also experiencing a massive loneliness epidemic. So we’re lacking both compassion and money. Not to mention, we’ve all recently experienced a pandemic and are chronically online, which has left a lasting impact on most of our health (physical, emotional and mental). But (here’s the but), haven’t previous generations faced their fair share of obstacles?

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The previous generations have also faced some terrible things such as lack of employment, economic reforms of 1991, and the first technological spike (where landline phones and televisions became increasingly popular), which we can only imagine must’ve been incredibly tough to adjust to and deal with. So, why is it that the current generation feels so heartbroken and isolated in its experiences? Well, maybe we can find some insight in these comments on the question we mentioned above. Here’s the original post:

And here’s how people have responded to the post:

Every generation grows up facing unique challenges, both economically and emotionally and though I recognize that the hardships we’re currently facing as a generation are also difficult, is this more about feeling a sense of youth-related-doom or about times being incredibly rough right now? Personally, a little voice inside me says it’s a little bit of both.