2022 India is a very different country from the one we grew up in. The line between right and wrong has never been more distinct and yet it is constantly stepped over.

We can argue that we didn’t see this coming but we did. Even SRK said as much in this 2015 interview with Barkha Dutt.

In this 2015 interview with NDTV, SRK argued how we would go back to the dark ages if we kept harping on religion. He mentioned how the availability of different platforms, like social media & bigger TV, has exacerbated intolerance since earlier voices couldn’t be heard as much. This makes people accountable to speak more sensibly and be more tolerant. “There is nothing less important than religious intolerance,” he had added.

Affirming SRK’s stance, here’s how Twitter reacted.


Almost eight years later, his statement makes more sense than it ever did. Shah Rukh Khan truly is the Last Of The Stars!

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