Trolling celebrities on social media has become an everyday job for many internet users out there. Pata nahin kya maza aata hai. Writing a few hate comments does seem like an easy task ‘coz koi kya bigaad lega but the act comes out as a representation of projecting your own insecurities on strangers behind the screen. While many celebrities get affected by such trolls, some do not give any bhaav to them.

And there are some celebs who know how to tackle those trolls. Just like TV presenter, Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah’s wife, Sanjana Ganesan, who has often been subjected to hatred on social media.

Sanjana Ganesan posing with Jasprit Bumrah. Image credits: Sanjana’s Instagram handle

This time, one troll took a jibe at Sanjana for her looks and how she ended up marrying Bumrah. Sanjana gave a befitting response to the troll. Their interaction is going viral on Twitter.

“Mam itni khubsurat bhi nahi ho but Bumrah ko kaise pata lia (sic),” the troll wrote on one of Sanjana’s Instagram posts. To which, she replied, “aur khud jo chappal jaisi shakal lekar ghoom rahe ho uska kya (sic)?

Many netizens have been sharing their conversation on Twitter.

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Sanjana’s response has spread like a wildfire on Twitter.

Praising Sanjana’s response, A Twitter user wrote, “clean bowled”.

This happened after Sanjana Ganesan, who is currently in Australia to cover T20 World Cup 2022, posted a photo of herself on her Instagram handle. In the picture, Sanjana can be seen posing for the camera at Adelaide Oval, the cricket stadium where India will play against England tomorrow.

“the weather in Adelaide at the moment is B-E-A-utiful!” she wrote in the caption.

Here is the original post:

Soon after this whole trolling episode, Sanjana Ganesan posted a lengthy note on her Instagram story. In the statement, she addressed hitting back at the troll after he made an insensitive remark towards her. “Today I hit back at a troll, just one, with a comment that matched the energy he was trying to send my way,” she wrote. Sanjana then added that the troll instantly deleted his remark, reported her comment, and changed his profile to ‘private’.

“My question now is, if you are a troll and you can’t take ONE SINGLE NEGATIVE COMMENT in your stride then why am I expected to keep quiet…” Sanjana asked. “What is this hypocrisy where it’s okay if you do it but not okay if I just return the favour,” her note reads further.

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Image credits: Sanjana Ganesan’s Instagram handle

Earlier, Sanjana Ganesan was trolled for posting a throwback picture with her husband, Jasprit Bumrah, during the Asia Cup tournament in September. The photo was originally clicked during their trip.

Check out her sassy reply here:

As Sanjana said: “Think twice about what you decide to say to someone on social media.” ‘Coz trolling is definitely not cool.