The current FIFA World Cup is all fun and games but it just doesn’t match up to the madness that the 1930 World Cup was. From referees wearing suits to Bolivians playing in berets to managers knocked out with chloroform, this Twitter handle recited a short history of the wildness of the 1930 World Cup. Have a look!

1. The European sides sailed together across the Atlantic and trained on the top deck.

2. Egypt was supposed to join but it got late and missed the boat, leaving the tournament with 13 teams. *Awkward*

3. Argentina’s team established themselves as the bad boys.

4. The Argentina Vs USA semi-final got really ugly and American players were left with a broken leg and knocked-out teeth. One even ended up in the hospital.

5. The American referee tried to intervene, slipped and smashed a bottle of chloroform in his pocket, and got unconscious from the fumes. *Wild*

6. Uruguay beat Argentina in the finals and Argentinian fans caused a riot. Classic!

7. Romanian midfielder Alfred Eisenbeisser Feraru fell ill and was taken off to hospital mid-sail. People back home thought he died.

8. His mother made funeral arrangements only for him to walk through the door on the day of the wake, making his mother faint.

9. Feraru recovered to compete for Romania in both figure skating and bobsleigh at the next Olympics.

Could it have gone any wilder? Honestly, what a time to be alive.