Cricket is a religion in India. And the cricketers are its Gods. And if we have to pick the head of this pantheon, only one name pops up — the iconic Captain Cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

In over 15 years of helicopter shots, cheetah like wicket-keeping, and genius captaincy, Dhoni has done it all, winning over billions of hearts in the process. In today’s times, memes are the language of love, and the love for caption cool is portrayed best through the memes that the internet has bestowed upon him! 

Here are 10 memes about MS Dhoni that will always remind us, that the internet never lets anything pass! 

1. Because Dhoni will always be the captain of our hearts. 

Ahsee it

2. I just want to lie in those strong arms. 


3. It does seem like he can stop time sometimes. 

The Indian Express

4. We want Dhoni.

Ahsee it

5. His skills are divine! 

Dope wope

6. Copy karta hai? 

Ahsee it

7. Am I a joke to you? 

Ahsee it

8. He led from the front, always.

Orissa Post

9. The pride of India.

International Business Times

10. The burning question!

There’s no denying that despite rumors of retirement floating around, we’re still hopeful to see Dhoni play in the IPL this season and give us even more iconic meme-able moments. 

Literally, everyone has the same question! 

But even if he does decide to lace it up, the looming question remains, kya Dhoni khel payega?