With no bilateral series between the two teams in sight, today’s World Cup game between India and Pakistan is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Which means millions of people are going to be watching the game.

Times of India

Naturally, this opens up a whole new viewership for advertising companies. 


Now, according to Livemint, broadcaster Star Sports, which has already sold most its ad inventory for the match, is now charging more than 50% premium for last minute spots. 

Now that only 5,500 seconds of the total inventory are left, Star is expected to generate as much as ₹100 crore from the game alone. 

Inside Sports

The ad rates have surged to ₹25 lakh for a 10-second slot.

To put that in context, this means that Star is charging way more than the ₹16-18 lakh per 10 seconds that Star is charging for bundled packages

Campaign India

Now, all of India’s games are expected to have high viewership in the country but nothing can compare with today’s game Old Trafford.