Sachin's plan to retire from professional cricket for good hasn't gone down well with the people of this world. However, far from the maddening world that is messaging, tweeting, posting & opining their sheer dismay, the animal class has steered clear of public outburst.

Here's how everyone's reacting to Sachin's adieu

1: This Eagle is still in total disbelief. What just happened bro?

2: This one's on a total ignore mood.

3: This cat's tears are not drying on their own.

4: This super emo owl still can't face the sad news

5: This kitten clan hasn't stopped watching Sachin specials on TV since the news broke

6: This cute hedgehog is so disturbed he hasn't slept in 3 days!

7: This Cheetah is letting the rain take away the pain

8: This fish has absolutely nothing to say

9: This sloth is still clinging on to some hope

10: This little guy does not how to deal with it. So he decided to take a shower

11: Someone please pass a tissue to this phoenix

12: This panda family always goes over the top. And this is some real high-drama

13: This turtle, well, he is running away from reality

14: This hamster's reaction when he heard the news for the first time

15: This die-hard Sachin lover's level of anger is too damn high

16: For these sad lionesses, it is time for some cuddles.

17: This depressed one has taken to excessive eating to beat the blues

18: These swans decided to mourn the sad news together. How thoughtful

19: This super sad duck is still trying to stay in the dark

20: This super intense bunny tried snow suicide

21: And this furry fox is fainting from time to time

22: This one just wrapped up his angry tweeting & now it's back to being sad

23: This one's driving everyone away with his constant frustrated blabber

24: And this one has taken to full-fledged panicking on the streets

25: This turtle is asking everybody to just shut the fuck up.

And finally, this asshole grasshopper. Well, he's just having fun.

All gifs via the totally awesome giphy and gifsoup.