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Cricket is one sport that is the baap of all the other sports. Needless to say, it is a religion in India. And with the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup officially starting on the 24th of this month with the super 12 battling it out, we’re certain that this Diwali there will be more dhamakas than usual! 

Now while we gear up for the World Cup, I couldn’t help but notice different types of cricket fans that we come across every season. Here are 5 of them!

1. The superstitious one. 

We all know a fan like this, or we are this fan! The superstitious fan picks up bizarre habits and mannerisms whenever their team is playing an important match. From not changing their seat throughout the match, to wearing the same clothes every time their team plays, to even praying before, during, and after the match! These creatures are adorable in their own way. 

2. Commentators. 

Also known as the know-it-all, these fans put any professional commentary to shame. Mostly there’s a desi dad involved whose stellar humour would almost always make you want to mute the TV and let him do his thing. However, when it’s a bunch of friends watching a match, we all know that they’re told to vow silence hours before the match even begins! 

3. The dal badlu. 

These people can never make up their minds. They love their India, but will drool over Morgan’s batting, and might just turn around and say “dekha, bola tha meine, le jayengy.” *Sighs* It’s okay, we know they mean well. 

4. India-Pakistan only fan.

The minute the schedule for the matches is released, these fans mark out the India vs. Pakistan match and sit back. They cancel all plans for the day including bathing. *Eyeroll*  Nothing’s stopping them from relishing the excitement an India-Pakistan match brings, as everything else falls short in comparison. 

5. The colourful T20 fan. 

This fan is all about turning up and having the best time of their lives. They enjoy the sport for what it is! For them it’s all about cheering their team, dancing, munching on snacks, and making their evenings as colourful as possible. They never leave as sore losers, and are aptly known as superfans! 

Now there’s no doubt that a visual representation of a colourful superfan is in this year’s official Fanta ICC Men’s T20 World Cup celebration song, #RangJa! In this super fun video, Fanta has collaborated with superfans, Dhanashree Verma Chahal, Natasa Stankovic, Sanjana Ganesan, Erin Holland, and Jassym Lora Russell, along with global fan groups Bharat Army, and The Barmy Army to join in the excitement the sport brings with it!

After you check out the video, don’t forget to nail that hook step and dance every time India hits a six!