7-year-old Rudolph Ingram is fast. He is faster than you. In fact, he is faster than most professional athletes. Hailed as the next Usain Bolt, Ingram recently sprinted 100-mts in 13.48 seconds. 


Yeah, that’s right. That’s some Barry Allen shit right there!

We Heart It

And track events aren’t even his thing. Currently, he is one of the rising stars of American football. 

Speaking to Sportsbible, his coach Jimmy Watson said,

At running back you can count on him to put the team on his small back and carry us to the promise land. At Safety it’s unbelievable how he can make plays in the backfield. At running back he’s very fast but even more elusive. The kid has vision like I’ve never seen in a 7-year-old before.

Watson added:

One second he’s going one way and then you blink and he’s going another way.He stops on the drop of a dime And runs so aggressive. The kid is one in a million at safety… He’s so fast. He gets to the ball in the backfield and has great hips. I’ve yet to see someone put a move on him. The kid is an all-around great player.

Watch ‘Blaze’ in action here:

Damn! That kid is going places.