When it comes to famous sports couples, undoubtedly, Kapil Dev and Romi Bhatia are and have been one that have inspired onlookers since the beginning of their relationship. 


Kapil Dev proposed to Romi in 1980, they got married the same year and had their baby girl Amiya on 16th January 1996. 


These two met each other via a mutual friend and that is when their love story began. And in an interview with Simi Garewal, the couple talked about their marriage, Kapil Dev’s career as a successful cricketer and having Amiya after 16 years of trying to have kids, and there is so much to admire about their bond and relationship. Let’s take a look. 

1.  When Simi Garewal asked him about where he saw his career going after his retirement, Kapil Dev said he wanted to be in the administration part of sports. 

The reason why he wanted to work in administration was to change a couple of things that he didn’t like experiencing as a sports person, and we think that’s commendable.  

2. Romi Bhatia made it very clear, early in the interview, that their marriage was based on friendship and not on a fleeting emotion. 

And that just made us respect their relationship all the more, because TBH friendship makes marriages all the more solid and respectful! She even mentioned how he was the one who approached her despite her slightly, intimidating demeanour. 

3. Plus we think it was was beyond cute how he described her personality and her perspective on cricket. 

4. Also it was really great to see the trust and faith Romi had in her marriage and in Kapil Dev. Especially since the cricketer had the reputation of being a bit of a ladies man.

She also spoke about how he never left her feeling insecure, which was so good to hear!

5. But at the same time, she made it a point to mention that she had boundaries within the relationship. That even though they both had friends belonging to the opposite sex, she would always speak up when she felt that a third party was interfering in their relationship.

6.  When Simi Garewal asked her about how she felt when she finally had Amiya after 16 years of marriage, she talked about being much more responsible and level headed because she was older and more mature by then. 

7. Two really great things we picked up when this part of the interview came along. One, to value health above all else, and two, that he was a complete workaholic, and admirably in love with his work!

8. And then when Simi Garewal made this very good point at the end! She pointed out that sometimes the universe really does work in our favour and certain things don’t align until you’re in better, more favorable situations. 

These two just gave us a lesson on marriage and being grown ups!