Like everything else, Indians play cricket in a very unique manner. Well, not so much the actual game but everything that happens during, before, and after. So, you’ll have a captain telling a fielder to talk to his girlfriend at night, and a fielder telling the bowler not to take too much stress because the batsman sucks (in front of the batsman). Plus, there is a lot of singing and dancing too. Here’s a compilation of such instances.

1. It’s one thing to encourage your teammates, it’s another to guide them. Especially how Dhoni does it. Remember when he told Kuldeep Yadav how to take Trent Boult’s wicket?

Yeh aankh bandh karke rokega. Dusra waala daal sakta hai isko.

India Today

2. He gets replaced by Rishabh Pant; who, let’s just say, likes to talk a LOT. To the point that during one of the overs in India’s tour of Australia, commentators were asked to keep quiet.

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3. And we, like, just break into Bhangra and all. Because who is going to stop us? Who is going to tell the best batsman in the world to not dance while on the verge of making history?

This is from 2018 during India’s tour Down Under when Virat Kohli was vibing.

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4. In a world of mic drops (that backfire), salutes, etc., our guys are out there twisting their moustache and doing sword-play with the bat.

Which is so cool. Even I used to do the sword-play with the bat as a kid. May or may not have gotten hurt.

5. We are also really…free and easy (?) with our words. Our coach goes out there and says what he wants to say because it’s not like the entire world is going to be watching it live.

6. Speaking of being free with words – our press conferences. This is Rohit Sharma putting it as it is because who “abhi see kya batayega”?

Here’s a compilation to lift your spirits.

7. And mind you, these things start at the domestic level. Indians always find a way to entertain themselves and others.

8. Our players sledge, and if someone doesn’t understand it, it’s their problem. 

You can take desis out of India, but you can’t take India out of desis