Aakash Gupta is one of the few comedians who always makes me laugh with his flawless observations. From his iconic set Excuse Me, Brother to his experience with online shopping, the comedian has made my stomach ache on many occasions with his on-point acts.

Since now it’s the IPL season, he’s back with another hilarious act and this time he’s talking about Indian cricket fans and their sheer desi-ness.

He started by mentioning that he went to watch a few finale matches in the stadium, earlier this year and what he noticed was how the crowd in the stadium irritates our own players.

He talked about how the audience relentlessly teased Shubman Gill, by saying, ‘Humari bhabhi kaisi ho, Sara bhabhi jaisi ho’, when he came on the ground to play. He mentioned how the cricketer is just 24 and is an opening batsman – which is a big feat in its own right. 

Talking about his other experience, he said that when cricketer Marnus Labuschagne came on the ground to play during the India Vs Australia match, the audience made fun of him because they couldn’t pronounce his name right. 

He also mentioned how the players from other sports like lawn tennis take time and respect very seriously. However, it’s the opposite in cricket. 

He correctly pointed out how our crowd keeps giving playing advice to the international cricketers while they play. During another match, when Mohammed Shami came to play, the comedian saw aged uncles advising him. 

He also mentioned that once when Virat Kohli was batting during a match, he took an aerial shot and two middle-aged men couldn’t control their emotions. 

Sharing his adoration for Virat Kohli, he said that he understands why the cricketer gets aggressive at times due to mental pressure. 

It’s a hilarious act that’s too good to miss. Take a look:

He kept it both, funny and real.