India hosts the biggest T20 league in the world which means we welcome many players from around the globe. The IPL is indeed a festival of sorts. And ours is an intriguing culture too. Foreign players seem to fall in love with India. They often indulge in learning our languages, especially Hindi. Who can blame them? It is a great language after all. 

Rising Pune Supergiant spinner Adam Zampa and his girlfriend were also in the mood to learn the local language too. 


Remember as kids when you would purposely tell someone the wrong translation of a word or convince them to use an obscene phrase by selling it as a good one?

We’re guessing that’s what happened with Zampa and his girl, Hattie Leigh Palmer. Because there’s no way in hell that anyone in their right mind would put something like this on their Instagram:

She must have no idea what that means. 

And Zampa came back with another shocker. His reply proves just how clueless he too is about Hindi.

I trust no one here needs those two words to be translated. It’s unlikely that the couple randomly picked it up from somewhere. 

Looks more like a work of evil. Now, everyone can have a different view on this. Some may see it as a simple prank, while others may find it offensive.

Regardless, based on these reactions, social media had a field day. 

There’s no word on how the Aussie and his girlfriend are taking this desi blow.

But it does take you back to that time where you pulled this on someone. Admit it, we are such a**holes. And we revel in it!