India’s epic win against Australia at Gabba, where Australia lost for the first time in 32 years, is one for the history pages. And the victory tastes especially sweet when you take into account the fact that most of the Australian team had dismissed the current Indian team. 

India TV

But India’s epic win ensured that Australian skipper Tim Paine’s famous words, “Come to Gabba”, came back to haunt him… and another individual who just had the misfortune to share the same name as the skipper. 

Cricket Country

Yes. Tim Payne, from the UK, and not Tim Paine from Australia, ended up receiving angry comments on his Instagram page from Indian ‘fans’. 

Though some fans tried to correct other misguided fans, there was a clear case of mistaken identity that spilled on to his DMs as well! 

While healthy banter is a part of all sports, Tim Payne certainly had not signed up for any banter, healthy or otherwise. 

Though, ultimately, he did have an epic response for the “fans”: 

Har baar Gangadhar Shaktimaan nahi hota!