Last year, the video of a catch from Harleen Deol was everywhere on the internet, and rightfully so. It was beautiful, there is only one way to define it. The catch was clean like a trained gymnast’s move, and everyone basically lost their minds.  

Some people took a little while to get to it, though. Like this person here, who, by the looks of it, has just discovered women’s cricket because such accomplishments are common in the sport. The women have been doing it for a while.

Plus, what is up with the phrasing “most athletic female sports play”. How is this less of an achievement or different from that made by male cricketers/athletes?

Anyway, Twitter did its part in making these arguments very emphatically.

Look, we are not saying that we know fully about every sport played everywhere in the world. However, if you are sharing something like this, acknowledgment of this fact might be a good way to go about it because otherwise you just look ignorant.

Anyway, good on Harleen Deol who gave every fan of the sport something so excellent so cherish. “Women’s cricket is boring” – nah, does not look like it now, does it?