Amitabh Bachchan came to the rescue of Virat Kohli after Australian media compared the Indian skipper to US president Donald Trump – which, as you already know, isn’t really a compliment.

But Bachchan turned it around – trolling the Aussie media by thanking them for what would normally be considered quite a spiteful comment.

The Daily Telegraph article was widely cited in Indian media as well, with the Aussies denied every allegation that Kohli has levelled on them – be it cheating during DRS or mocking Team India physio Patrick Farhart.

Here are some lines from the article that stand out.

Here are some lines from the article that stand out…

  • “The Indian captain is a law unto himself with no one – not even the ICC or his own board – holding him accountable for his continual perpetuation of fake news.”
  • “Just like President Trump, Kohli decided to blame the media as a means of trying to hide the egg smeared right across his face.”
  • “Soft cricketing administrators have given rise to a bat-wielding Trump.”

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Feature image source: PTI and AFP