It’s been a rough year for Australian cricket. The mighty nation witnessed the demise of three of its biggest heroes in a mere span of two months. 

Just when the world was coming to terms with the passing of Shane Warne and Rod Marsh, another major catastrophe struck. On 14th May 2022, it was announced that Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds died in a car crash at the ripe age of 46. 

Only two months ago, Symonds was present at Shane Warne’s memorial service in Melbourne, after the renowned leg-spinner succumbed to a heart attack during a personal trip to Thailand.

Andrew Symonds and Shane Warne

That same month, Australia lost Rod Marsh, one of the finest wicketkeepers in the game, due to illness at the age of 74. 

Shane Warne and Rod Marsh

What’s even eerier? Andrew Symonds’ last post on social media was about his former teammate Shane Warne. 

And Shane Warne’s last post on social media was a tribute to Rod Marsh, who passed away a day before his own demise.

The world of cricket will never forget the sheer brilliance exhibited by the three legendary sportsmen in their craft. The iconic trio made pioneering waves in the world of professional cricket. They shall remain immortalised in our hearts forever.