Neeraj Chopra, the man who has won the hearts of Indians with his historic win, as he became the second-ever Indian to nab an individual gold at the Olympics, has once again been left embarrassed by an interviewer. After Navika Kumar’s groundbreaking question about his relationship status,  RJ Malishka’s dance and Jaadu ki jhappi, this is what the Olympian was asked. 

Instead of enquiring about this ace sportsman about his groundbreaking work, the 23-year-old was quizzed by historian Rajeev Sethi, about his sex life in this viral clip. 

How do you maintain a balance between your sex life and athletic training? I know this is a weird question. 

-Rajeev Sethi

Rajeev also calls him, “sundar ladka”. Neeraj, who was left extremely uncomfortable by the question, simply responded with a, “Sorry, sir.” And added, “Aapke question se mera maan toh bhar gaya.”

This is how enraged Twitter users reacted to the interview:

Just watching this interview has left us so uncomfortable. This is harassment is not acceptable and we need to ask our athletes better questions. Especially when they are training day and night to make their country proud.