The centrally positioned Delhi government-run Thyagraj Stadium, which was built for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, is a multi-discipline facility that draws national and state athletes, and footballers. Athletes and coaches have been grumbling in recent months about being pushed to finish training earlier than normal, by 7 p.m.

The reason, as per the report, is that Sanjeev Khirwar, Delhi’s Principal Secretary (Revenue), walks his dog at the facility around half an hour later.

A coach commented, 

We used to train till 8-8.30 pm under lights earlier. But now, we are asked to leave the ground by 7 pm so that the officer can walk his dog on the ground. Our training and practice routine has been disrupted. 

People on social media have expressed their outrage, calling this a gross misuse of power. 

Nonetheless, Rajdeep Sadesai recently updated by tweeting that the government has taken actions based on The Indian Express report.  

Although no action has been taken against the officer, the fact that the athletes’ training time has been extended demonstrates the power of journalism.