It’s that time of the year again. 22 gladiators ready to fight. For their livelihood, passion, glory, success and fame. All in all, their life. The crowd split into two: The Catalans and the Men from Turin. Cheering at every success, jeering at every failure. Every inch on the battlefield fought for. Every ball chased, harried and fought for. This is a war waged by men of grass, boots and beauty. It is about the colour they wear, the crest on their heart and the name on the front.

This is football. This is the Champions League final. And to pump you up before Barcelona and Juventus clash in Berlin tonight, here is a video showing their road to the grand stage:

Will the Messi-Neymar-Suarez trio tear apart the Juve defence? Or will the calm of Pirlo & the storm that is Tevez bring the Italian side the glory they have been waiting for? Be sure to catch the final tonight at 12:15 AM IST.

Feature image sourced from: youtube