A few days ago, an advertisement featuring Rahul Dravid took the nation by storm. The reason? It showed Rahul Dravid being aggressive. 

The concept is still so bizarre to Indians, that it wasn’t just funny to watch him say “Indiranagar ka gunda hun main“, it was also fascinating. 

And in case you still can’t get over it (totally understandable), here is a clip from the shoot. Posted by Tanmay Bhat, who was a part of the project, the video shows Dravid struggling to be angry in front of the cameras.

In fact, at one point, Tanmay and his friends joke that he is probably saying sorry to himself for being rude. 

YouTube/Tanmay Bhat

And there are countless behind-the-scenes shots of him just blushing because, well, he can’t, he just…can’t be the bad guy.

But my favourite part is when he is peeking out of the sunroof and starts explaining to Tanmay why Sachin holds the bat close to the blade and why most other cricketers don’t.

YouTube/Tanmay Bhat

Also, just in case anyone forgot how nice he is, he told Tanmay not to switch on the car just for the AC, as it would be “wasteful”. 

Dravid is the guy who puts candy wrappers in his pocket so that he can throw them in the dustbin at home. I know it. 

Anyway, you can watch the entire video, here: