Given the immense craze around the sport, a cricketer’s job doesn’t stop on the field. They have to answer tough questions, respond to criticism and sometimes just entertain an over-entusiastic reporter. 

Which, as a fan, I am not complaining about. Because these responses are to live for. Here are some of our favourite moments from cricket press conferences over the years. Read on.

1. It was a long tour Down Under and when asked about the same by the press, this is what Dhoni said. 

2. We all know Ashish Nehra and his obsession with Nokia phones, so when he was asked whether he was reading about stuff the opposition was saying, this is how he responded. 

3. Let’s just say Faf was immensely impressed by Rabada. Let’s leave it at that. 

4. Dhoni, when asked about the tremendous pressure on his shoulders.  

5. And him before the final of the 2011 World Cup. We all know how that sentence was completed.

6. During one of India’s series, the press called the Indian team ‘underprepared’ for the conditions. An agitated Dhoni then explained how there is more to a team’s performance than just the knowledge of conditions.

7. This one, obviously, leaves nothing to be explained.

8. Sachin, on being asked how he responds to the criticism.

9. Ravindra Jadeja was explaining to the media how a new batsman gets baffled to see footmarks on turning tracks. And he almost used a certain phrase…you know which. 

10. When Virat Kohli got really angry with the reporter who questioned his decision to change the team every few matches.

11. An iconic quote by Mithali Raj, who was asked about her ‘favourite male cricketer’.

12. After India defeated Pakistan in the 2019 World Cup, the media asked Rohit Sharma what batting tips he would like to give to the neighbours. His response was simple.

13. And he didn’t take much time to taunt the press when asked about Rishabh Pant.

14. This one time someone asked him how the team intends to celebrate Dhoni’s birthday and this was Rohit’s savage response.

15. This hilarious line was by Afghanistan captain Gulbadin Naib, before his team’s World Cup match against Bangladesh. Gotta love the courage.

16. This bit is from the time when Australia’s Time Paine decided to attend a media person’s call mid-conference.

17. Shahid Aridi, when asked about India Pakistan cricket rivalry.

18. Virender Sehwag, when asked about one of his brilliant knocks. 

19. And him commenting on Shoaib Akhtar’s new-found appreciation for Indian players.

20. This is from the 2011 World Cup. Shahid Afridi, presumably angry after his team’s loss, said that ‘Indians do not have a big heart’ and Yuvraj Singh made sure a proper answer was given.

21. Things got really awkward during the press conference when a reporter asking questions to Michael Clarke, said, “Michael, you have had tremendous sex…um success”. Clarke laughed it off with a funny reply but it was Smith who was having the time of his life.

22. A very self-aware Kohli telling media about an on-field fight that he stopped from happening. 

They are not the ones to mince their words. 

Creatives by: Aakansha Pushp