Last decade gave us a lot of great sporting moments – and a great sports chat show – Breakfast with Champions. Now, while there are a lot of great bits from all seasons of the show, we tried to come up with some of our favourites.  

Here, enjoy!

1. Starting with the classics, this quote from Nehra ji made him a bigger sensation than his bowling ever did.

2. That one confession from Virat Kohli that sent the entire nation into a guilt trip about their cheat days.

3. Yuvraj Singh’s hilarious explanation of how boys in the Punjab cricket team talk.

4. Imagine what life would have been for the ‘little master’ had he not been recognised by his uncle!

5. Remember Dangal? Yeah, that.

6. Good on Navratilova. She spotted a legend.

7. Actually, I can totally imagine Dhoni saying that.

8. Ravi Shastri’s scandalous confession about Dada.

9. And Dada’s even more scandalous response.

10. Another anecdote about Ganguly. This one, funny.

11. ‘At least people got to know that women play cricket’.

12. A self-aware, humble Parthiv Patel keeping things real.

13. Well, we all doubt ourselves. Even if we are ‘Gods’.

14. VVS Laxman condemning Warner’s actions but maintaining that he is a good person at heart.

15. Not easy being a woman cricketer in India. Or to be a woman. Kudos to our very own legend for holding her ground.

16. That’s Mahi for you.

17. Coming from warn-torn Afghanistan, it’s crazy what Rashid Khan has achieved.

18. Indians, the best sledgers in the world.

19. Dhawan, what is this behaviour?

20. What true devotion looks like.

21. Life wasn’t always easy for Ishant Sharma, but look where he is now.

22. THAT Natwest final and endless stories about it.

23. A bit too far?

24. No one tells Sehwag to ‘relax’, especially not an Australian bowler.

25. Kapil Dev has no regrets about the greatest innings of his life not being covered.

26. Banter between Ashwin and his wife (who stole the show, TBH).

27. It’s okay Dravid, unlike Harbhajan we love your dressing style.

28. The country is indebted to you, Yuvraj.

29. Who would have thought Abhinav Bindra would go on to do what he did! Definitely not Abhinav Bindra.

Breakfast with Champions is a gift that keeps on giving. Here is the link to the YouTube page of Oaktree Sports, you can find all episodes there.