20+ players in one game, commentators, former legends, experts: Cricket involves a lot of people, which leaves a huge room for banter. 

And that’s half the fun, right? I mean, of course, you watch the sport for sweeping shots and thrilling catches but a little roasting never hurts. Especially if the comebacks are as witty as the ones below. 

Dhoni, on being asked about Team India’s transition from older players to younger. 

Dhoni, on team India being called ‘underprepared’.

Sehwag, on Geoffrey Boycott calling him ‘talented but a brainless batsman’.

Ganguly, on being asked about India’s preparation for Shoaib Akhtar AKA Rawalpindi Express. 

Sehwag, hinting at Sachin Tendulkar when Shoaib Akhtar asked him to play a hook shot.  


Creatives by: Aakansha Pushp.