This morning, India won the third Test against South Africa by an innings and 202 runs. This was also the first time we managed to whitewash the Proteas in the format.

Now, the way we dominated the guests, it was natural for people to ask what was our game plan.

Coach Ravi Shastri very articulately explained what it was.

(I said) pitch ko nikaalo game se, bhaad mein gaya pitch. 20 wicket nikaalne hain.

Chaahe Johannesburg ho,

chaahe India ho,

chaahe Mumbai ho,

chaahe Delhi ho,

chaahe Auckland ho.

Jidhar bhi…

chaahe Melbourne ho.

I have a strong feeling this quote by Shastri will turn out to be more historic that India’s victory. Let’s see if it does!

Shastri further said that once the wickets are taken, India’s batting line-up runs like a Ferrari. Which is a beautiful thing to say, honestly.

However, it looks like he was a little too chilled out about India’s Ferrari-like batting line-up. Proof:

Well, love Shastri or hate Shastri, you just can’t ignore Shastri.