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We all know that in order to be a successful cricket player, one needs to have the right kind of mental toughness along with a physically fit body. These two, combined with the right kind of skill and technique are very important in making or breaking one’s career. And let’s face it, rarely do we all get to see all of these things in the right proportions. However, in the current scenario, it’s safe to say that Ravindra Jadeja is an exception. 

Blessed with speed and agility, the high-flying all-rounder has a knack clinging onto catches that come out of nowhere. 

And to showcase how fit and talented he is, Castrol Activ decided to put him through a series of crazy fielding drills. 

The first challenge was based on his catching ability. Jadeja had 30 seconds and he had to catch as many balls as he could that were being fired from a bowling machine. And guess what, he caught all of them in style.

I mean, just watch the video. He makes it look so freakin’ easy.

Next up, was target practice. Now, we all know what a brilliant fielder Jadeja is, he is quick off the mark and his ability and flexibility help him in stopping runs. Known for his accurate aims and fierce throws, many batsmen think twice before taking a single, once they see Jadeja running towards the ball. 

And THIS is why they should!

[Full video]

The next challenge saw Jadeja doing something completely out of his comfort zone. He had to play tennis and that too without a racquet. In this challenge, a tennis player hit the ball as hard he could and Jadeja had to stop the ball from crossing the line and return it back to keep the game going. 

At the end of this challenge, it was fair to say that it was ‘Game, Set & Match’ Jadeja.

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The last and the final challenge saw Jadeja face an obstacle course. In this challenge, Jadeja had to go run zig-zag across some mini-cones, take a catch on the boundary line, jump over some ladders and then finally throw the ball directly at the wicket, all this while a stopwatch was timing him. Phew…

So, was Jadeja be able to cling on? Well, see for yourself!

[Full video]

Those were a series of spectacular challenges thrown at Jadeja and didn’t he master them with aplomb. Just like he has a knack of clinging on to the ball, Castrol Activ’s Actibonds have a knack of clinging on to your bike’s engine to protect it.