There is no contesting the fact that South African countries treat football like a religion. And that’s true for both its people – and the dogs.

The good boys and girls can’t stop themselves from entering the ground and give us all a hearty laugh by making special appearances from time to time.

They are helpful, too. Like this one time when a dog made this outstanding save during a third tier Argentina match.

And another instance when this one defended better than a few players even.

Now, I must also mention the time a dog entered the field and peed on English striker Jimmy Greaves during a World Cup match in Chile, 1962.


Keeping their contributions in mind, the South American Football Confederation has decided that the mascot of next year’s Copa America will be a dog.

In a tweet, the organisers of the event said that these animals are funny, cheerful agile and unique – and that represents the spirit of Copa America.

They even asked people to choose between the two names – Pipe and Pibe – a few days ago.

The event – hosted by Argentina and Colombia – will start from June 12 and will have 12 teams as participants.

Couldn’t have made a better choice for the mascot. To more of these special appearances.