With the Indian premier League starting from tomorrow, India’s favourite sport is back and we couldn’t be happier about it. 

However, just like everything else in the world, it is not going to be how it was before.

Coronavirus and the ease with which it can spread forced the BCCI to come up with new set of measures for the safety of the players and the staff. Here are some of them:

1. Introduction of ‘bio-bubble’.

This is a concept many sports tournament across the globe are following. It means that everyone from players to the groundsmen and umpire (basically everyone associated with event) is tested, kept in quarantine and then tested multiple times. Once all tests come out negative and it is clear that the person doesn’t have the virus, they are allowed inside the ‘bubble’, which is a theoretical safe space for interaction, physical or otherwise. The people in the bio bubble are not allowed to interact with anyone outside it for the entirety of the tournament. 

Any breach of the bio-bubble is punishable under IPL code of conduct. 

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2. No family members allowed on the team bus, virtual meetings.

While the BCCI has allowed the team players to bring their families to UAE, they are not allowed to sit in the team bus to further reduce the chances of infection. Apart from this, the team owners have all been advised to keep players in different hotels, and conduct all meetings online. 

3. Saliva ban.

This is a much talked about rule, which prohibits players from using saliva on the ball. And while it makes things difficult for certain bowlers, it is definitely for the best. 

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4. Electronic team sheets.

In a common practice, the captains were earlier required to hand the physical copy of the team sheet (players participating in the match). That rule has been scrapped to avoid contact and now they will send an electronic version of the same. 

5. Doctors to ensure bio-bubble rules are not breached. 

All teams have been told to assign one doctor, who makes sure that the bio-bubble rules are not broken under any circumstance. Additionally, a team of medics from each team were appointed to look into the travel and medical history of the players before they set out for the UAE.

6. No sharing of equipment, bottles and other personal items to mention names of the players. 

Sharing stuff is strictly prohibited during training or otherwise. Hence the players are required to mention their names on the items like water bottles etc. 

7. Every day temperature checks.

Despite taking all the precautions, it is totally possible for someone to get infected with the virus. To stay a step ahead, there will be temperature check every day, so that anyone who has even slight fever can be asked to isolate themselves. 

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8. No common dining, separate air conditioning. 

The players and the staff are required to order food to their hotel room, to avoid putting others in the hotel at risk. For the same reason, the air conditioning for the rooms occupied by them will have a different air conditioning system so that the air does not circulate throughout the hotel.

9. Usage of empty stands as dressing rooms.

Players can and are advised to used the stands for basic dressing room requirements to maintain social distancing. They are not allowed to shake hands and trophies, if any, are supposed to be kept on the podium. 

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10. Installation of Shycocan.

This is basically a more advanced version of an air purifier and is said to kill 99.9 per cent of coronavirus in the air. This way, the harmful particles, if any, get dissolved before they can enter anyone’s body. 

That’s a lot of stuff to process. We hope the players stay safe while trying to keep us enetrtained.