Ah, Indian cricket experts, or every Chintu outside a tapri, are at it again. Except, this time, Chintu from tapri doesn’t have 4 sutte ka udhaari. Instead, he and other Chintus get paid rather handsomely, get to hang out on national television but the level of intellect, research and discourse remains the same. Never forget your roots, after all. 

In a video that has been going around Twitter for a few hours, these experts are seen calling Gujarat’s Sheldon Jackson a foreign player. This is not a joke. 

Fans of Indian cricket have been calling the channel and its panellists out for this astounding lack of research and professionalism. BTW, there’s also senior journalist Vikrant Gupta in the frame, just hanging out with his phone. 

I do better research than this when I am doing This, That and 8 other things you should know about what this actor did on vacation! *Poker face*