When it comes to cricket, there are two very strong and divided stances on the best way to watch the sport. Some love the energy and adrenaline of the stadium; others prefer the comfort of their home. There are also many who like setting up their stadium-like atmosphere via projector screens or experiencing the same in cafes. Whatever your choice may be, today is the World Cup final, and the crowd at the Narendra Modi Stadium is giving us major FOMO.

Regardless of the final outcome, watching the World Cup finals in India in a stadium where OUR team is playing sure sounds like a core memory situation. And imagine if India wins the trophy, you’d have seen history-in-making live, just like the fortunate crowd that witnessed MS Dhoni’s iconic helicopter shot.

The Week

Pictures of the stadium and clips from the attendees have emerged on social media, and we all wish were there at the moment. Take a look:

The love for Cricket in India is so wholesome. And regardless of whether you’re experiencing the match at the stadium or not, we all desperately hope and want the same thing – that WORLD CUP TROPHY after twelve years.