The thing about celebrities is that fans constantly want to know more about them. And the secrecy associated with their lives, makes it all the more interesting. This is especially true for cricketers, given that there’s so little people actually get to know about their personal lives. For instance, imagine finding a famous cricketer on a dating app. Now, that’d be something, right?

Like these real experiences of people who interacted with Indian cricketers on a dating app:

1. “Had a random chat with Vijay Shankar. Very decent guy. He plays for Gujarat Titans now.”



2. I had matched with Shreyas Iyer on Bumble about 3 years ago. Ranted about how cricket has so much undeserved fame and money. He was respectful about it and also tried providing some perspective.



3. “Met Shubman way back in the day. Went out for lunch – he didn’t eat or drink anything.”



4. “I went out on a Tinder date with Kuldeep Yadav like 4 years back. He is just ‘weird’.”



5. “I matched with Minad Manjrekar on bumble a few years ago. Talked a lil bit, and he invited me to ITC, where he was staying at that time (he was visiting my city for a match, I think). I didn’t go eventually though.”



6. “Not the kind of tea you are expecting but Shubman Gill has the most aggressive PR! won’t be surprised if we don’t hear anything negative about him… the next golden boy of cricket and managed by the same company which manages Virat Kohli! Have to also point out that he seems ridiculously private about his life.”



7. “Lots of people I know have matched with Shreyas Iyer on dating apps. He thinks he’s too hot.



8. “One of my friends and apparently her sister too get a lot of DMs from Prithvi Shaw. Have no sense of talking and keeping up the conversation.”

– Anonymous


If this makes you want to install a dating app right now, you have good reasons. Also, you know who to swipe right to (or who not to).